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Movie Nights 
25 Movies to Spark Spiritual Discussions with Your Teen 
by Bob Smithouser 
This book will help you "Connect With Your Teens Through Hollywood".  This unique resource converts 25 entertaining, thought-provoking films such as Remember the Titans, Apollo 13, The Princess Bride, The Truman Show and Chariots of Fire into dynamic opportunities to connect with your teens and help them evaluate popular media. Each section features discussion questions, activities, related Scriptures and more.  A resource from Focus on the Family.

American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations for Limitations to Television Viewing by Young Children

Short Attention Span in Children May Be Linked to Early Television Viewing Habits.  See Article from USA Today

Teaching Teens How to Think in the Area of Entertainment
by Al Menconi  <more...>

Wise Media Choices For The Holidays
with Bob Smithouser & Bob Waliszewski 
Your daughter's Christmas list includes the new Britney Spears CD. Your son wants the video game "Grand Theft Auto." And both kids are begging to see the latest "Lord of the Rings" movie. As a parent, how can you help your family make responsible entertainment choices?

Family Flix 
Family Flix provides an innovative service by editing movies to make them more family-friendly. Their extensive list of movies offers great entertainment, free from much of the offensive language and graphic scenes.

Movie Guide
Dr. Ted Baehr, an award-winning producer, writer, director, radio personality, and scholar, is the driving force behind Movie Guide. He is also the author of The Media-Wise Family, a great resource for parents struggling to raise kids in the popular culture.

Free Entertainment Reviews
by Chris Robinson
You may be a person that enjoys renting movies for a quiet evening at home or an avid moviegoer. However, there’s just not a great way to know what that movie contains until you watch it, right?  <more...>

Check out more resources from The Dove Foundation,, Hollywood Jesus, Gospelcom, Parental Guide, and Planet Wisdom.

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