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Need help?  Here's a list of eleven organizations that provide parents with a smorgasbord of helpful resources to counter the impact of today's media.  Whether you need movie and video reviews, insight into video games, teaching materials, or edited movies, you're sure to find a helping hand... and all from a traditional perspective. 

from Focus on the Family
Plugged-in from Focus on the Family seeks to help parents and youth leaders 'guide teens through the world of popular youth culture'. The newly updated site provides reviews for film, music, television, and more. Certainly a great place to be informed... all with the trust in knowing Focus on the Family stands behind it.

Movie Glimpse
Movie Glimpse helps in "connecting spiritual insights and gospel themes to the movies that touch your heart". Knowing that movies satisfy our desire for story telling, Movie Glimpse serves to connect this compelling media with our spiritual faith.

The Movie Reporter
Emphasizing that you "Know Before You Go", Phil Boatwright has been writing film reviews from a Christian perspective for more than fifteen years. Delivered to your email address, this subscription basis service is ideal for churches and individuals. Phil offers his opinion, synopsis, and content for popular movies so you can decide about the suitability for your family. If you don't require reviews on current releases, take advantage of over 1,000 "past reviews" of movies and videos. One helpful feature of past reviews is his "video alternative" where he suggests a better choice for your viewing. Also, check out his new book, "How To Choose A Good Video Every Time!", that includes subjects such as "Countering Hollywood's Influence", choosing a great movie for a date, and videos to enjoy with your kids.

Family Flix 
Family Flix provides an innovative service by editing movies to make them more family-friendly. Their extensive list of movies offers great entertainment, free from much of the offensive language and graphic scenes.

Movie Guide
Dr. Ted Baehr, an award-winning producer, writer, director, radio personality, and scholar, is the driving force behind Movie Guide. He is also the author of The Media-Wise Family, a great resource for parents struggling to raise kids in the popular culture.

Check out more resources from The Dove Foundation,, Hollywood Jesus, Parental Guide, and Planet Wisdom.








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