Homeless For The Holidays


Homeless For The Holidays 
A great story that reminds us of what's truly important!"
     - FamilyMovieReview.com 2009

Review by Carl Caton, Editor
I'm so thrilled with the emerging film industry that has a love for faith and family values. Homeless For The Holidays is a recent entry that gives me great hope for the direction these new upstarts are going.

The movie begins with a believable middle class family who, like so many of us, is so busy living the consumerist lifestyle that they hardly know what's going on around them. Having read the title, you probably suspect what's going to happen. Dad loses his job and his family begins a journey to better understand and appreciate the truly meaningful things in life. I'm not going to retell the story but I'll share with you that it's something you should watch and discuss with your kids.

Before you watch this movie, you need to get into the right mindset. Let's be clear: this is a B movie produced on an incredibly tight budget. And if you are expecting the same artistic quality as produced by Disney and Pixar who spend hundreds of millions on a single title, you will certainly be disappointed. But if that's you... then... you really, really need to see this movie.

Here's my advice. Go see this movie. Prepare yourself that it's not going to compare to a $200 million dollar production. Then just relax and take in the story. It will teach you some incredible lessons that could change your life.

Before I close, let me say that I thought the entire cast and crew have done a marvelous job relative to the budget of the film. The cast includes REAL people. These are people like you and me who live ordinary lives and understand the day to day life we face. I think that part of the success of reality television is that the average viewer is starting to see that most acting is a "little too slick". For instance, in one scene where husband and wife are quarreling, I thought to myself that the acting was a little slow. But a moment later, I said to myself, "No, that's actually what REAL conflict really looks like - there are these awkward pauses... and starts and stops.. and stumbling over words... that's actually more realistic than these slick actors who always have the perfect words just at the right time." In a sense, professional acting has become so unrealistic. Watch the movie with that mindset and see if you don't agree.

May the Lord bless these folks as they work diligently to bring God honoring stories into our living rooms. Great job!

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Homeless For The Holidays

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Homeless For The Holidays