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20 Fun Ideas for National Turn Off TV Week
by Deborah Shelton
National Turn Off Your TV Week is in April each year. 
Why not take the holiday one step further and turn off the  computer as well? Here are 20 fun ways your family can make the most of this celebration. <more...>

50 Nights of Family Fun!  
A new book written by Mark Whitlock
Check out this great new resource from FamilyLife.
From FamilyLife:
"Mom, I'm bored!"
When was the last time you heard that phrase?  If your children spend more time in front of the television, holding a game controller, or surfing the Internet than they do interacting with your family, it's time for some family fun!

In this book, you'll find fifty ideas for laughing, learning, and loving.  They're cheap!  They're simple!  They're fun!  What are you waiting for?  Turn off the TV and turn up the laughs!

Helps you a) be intentional about interacting with your kids, b) embed spiritual truth while having fun, and c) enjoy wacky fun with your kids and watch the relationships deepen.

Turn off the TV -- and Turn on to Physical Activity!
by Rae Pica
Imagine having no television for an entire season. Such was the case for a friend, whose mother hauled the appliance right out of the house at the start of every summer. Surprisingly, Ola and her siblings didnít miss it, as they managed to keep themselves busy in other ways. And, today, Ola is glad her mother maintained that annual tradition, as she learned not to rely on TV to keep her entertained. She and her two young daughters also tend to be more physically active than other families she knows Ė something she attributes directly to the amount of active play she engaged in as a child.  <more...>










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